Joeys Room

This is our 0-1 year room where most children start their time with us.   We can accommodate up to 8 babies in this room.   Our dedicated Educators work tirelessly to develop reciprocal bonds with all of our babies and their families. This will ensure each child can learn and develop in a nurturing, happy environment.    As this is usually the first time parents and children are separated for longer periods, we understand and support this by providing a flexible approach to transitioning your child into our warm caring service.

Possums Room

This is our 1-2 year old room where children transition out of babies into toddlers.   We can accommodate up to 8 little ones in the Possums room.   Children begin to explore a wide variety of different concepts that our educators teach through play. It is during this time that we notice our little Possums becoming quite independent learners. Our educators encourage self help skills and will facilitate a positive self concept for each child. Possums begin to learn the art of taking turns, empathy and start to develop friendships.  Possums children sleep on stretcher beds in a separate room and follow a flexible but predictable routine.

Wombats Room

   This is our 2-3 year old room where children are starting to become very active learners. They begin to play cooperatively with other children and are developing good friendships. Wombat children are quite independent and can perform many daily tasks, albeit with ongoing support from their educators. It is during this time that many children accomplish the skill of toilet training.  We can accommodate up to 15 children in our Wombats room. Wombat children are very inquisitive, so our educators spend a lot of time supporting and intentionally teaching though positive role modelling. Children participate in a variety of experiences which are of interest not only to the whole group, but also each individual child. At this age children are developing the concept of what is right and wrong and they can assist educators in the development of, and understanding of, room rules.  

Koala Room

This is our 3-5 year old room where children are formally transitioning into a preschool setting. We can accommodate up to 20 children in this room.   The children are educated by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, who is supported by a very competent room leader and her assistant. Even though this classroom is a little more structured than our other rooms, our teaching approach is still flexible. Our early childhood teacher will concentrate on numeracy and literacy in a way that is of interest and builds upon each child's individual way of learning. The children receive a short developmental report twice a year and we have a Koala graduation at the end of the year.     All rooms here at Blue Gum follow National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.   

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