Sun Protection

We are a Sun Smart Centre which is endorsed by the Cancer Council. 

To ensure all children attending Blue Gum child Care Centre are protected from the effects of skin damage by sun we work by the following guidelines. Our full Sun Protection Policy is available upon request. 

Blue Gum requires children and employees to wear legionnaire style, bucket or broad brimmed hats that protect the face, neck and ears whenever they are outside.

Children who do not have their hats with them will be asked to play in an area fully protected from the sun.

Blue Gum recommends that children and educators wear loose fitting clothing that protects as much of the skin as possible for outdoor activities. Shirts that cover the shoulders and have collars , in addition to longer style skirts and shorts are most suitable. Darker colours are recommended, as they are less likely to reflect UV radiation on to the skin.

Children will be encouraged to use available areas of shade for outdoor play activity. Play areas for babies will be provided with shade all year round.

Employees and visitors to the Service will act as role models by:

  • Wearing appropriate hats and clothing outdoors.
  • Using SPF 30+ broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen for skin protection.
  • Seeking shade whenever possible.
  • Looking after their skin and avoiding sunburn.

SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen will be provided for educators and children’s use as necessary. Sunscreen will be applied liberally at least 20 minutes before going outside and not rubbed in. It should be reapplied every two hours or more frequently if it is likely to have been washed or wiped off.

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